Createmake is closing

I have decided after a long thought process to stop posting on Createmake. Closing the site is a part of simplifying my life and saying no to things that don't work for me anymore. I have enjoyed running the site and cherish the connections I've made with its fantastic readers. However, it's time to do something else. I have decided to close the site and put my focus on other more valuable personal projects. I hope you understand.

Thank you for your support, visits and views.

If you are still hungry for great posts and videos of people who have a passion for creating and making, check these links out:

My personal blog: I will post some videos there.
Men at Work: Vimeo Channel.
Those Who Make: Somewhat similar to Createmake.
Those Who Make: Vimeo Channel.
The Fox is Black: You know this one!

Ragnar Freyr

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